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Simply put, "natural skin care'" means caring for your skin in a natural and chemical-free way. Natural skin care promotes enabling the skin to care for itself (without any assistance from synthetic materials or chemicals). Natural skin care is about indoctrination of good habits on the way you lead your daily life. A lot of natural skin care methods are really the same as those for body care in general.

Let's explore what these natural skin care measures are.

The first and foremost natural skin care step is: Drink plenty of water.  Several glasses of water is needed every day. However, keep in mind that the eight glasses of water "rule" is not based on actual research, and is so often cited that it seems like a fact, but it is not. The amount you need varies in relation to the amount of other sources of water you consume, including vegetables and fruits. Water aids in flushing out the toxins from the body, in a natural manner. It helps in the general upkeep of the body and promotes good health for all organs, not just skin.

Overall cleanliness is another inexpensive method of natural skin care. Daily bathing, wearing clean clothes and sleeping on a clean mattress/pillow are all factors of general cleanliness. After all, clean skin is the key to keeping the skin problems at bay.

Regular exercise is the next thing to consider. Exercise increases the circulation of blood that helps in ridding the body of toxins and keeping you healthy. Exercise also helps in decreasing stress, which is the greatest obstacle of good health.

Healthy food and eating habits are recommended for natural skin care as well.  Some kinds of food (e.g. oily food) are known to cause acne and should be avoided as much as possible. Your diet should be a healthy mix of various nutritious foods. Raw fruits and vegetables are thought to provide freshness to your body and to help in getting rid of body toxins.

A good sleep is also helpful in maintaining good health and in beating stress. As a natural skin care measure, a good sleep prevents slacking of skin.

Reducing the amount of stress is another method of natural skin care. Stress leads to overall damage to body and health. Drinking a lot of water, getting a sound sleep and exercising have already been mentioned as stress reducers. Indulging in a warm bubble bath, listening to music and playing your favorite sport are also effective ways of beating stress. Yoga is an additional technique of beating stress; it is fast gaining popularity around the world.

Avoiding unnecessary exposure to the sun (by wearing long sleeved clothes, hat and umbrella) is another natural skin care strategy. Sunscreens are also highly recommended.  

A lot of traditional and homemade natural skin care products and measures are also considered very effective. Such measures are not only natural and easy-to-follow, but also typically inexpensive.

In addition, a lot of natural skin care products are available in the commercial market. These products include things like lavender oil, aloe vera and more, which don't have any side effects.
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